Active Ingredients – A brief Description


Turmeric has great benefits and got many different names like Curcuma Longa is the botanical name of turmeric, it is also known as Manju, Pasupu, Mannal, Arisin Haldi, and Haidra in Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, and Sanskrit respectively. It is a well-known herbal medicine with great benefits.
Action : Turmeric is a highly beneficial medicinal herb that helps your body naturally cure any kind of wound with its antiseptic benefits. The Carminative helps to prevent flatulence and its Hepatic tonic detoxifies your liver. Tonic detoxification can be effective with herbal cigarettes of your choice.
Description: Turmeric is a widely used medicinal herb. Historically it was used as an antiseptic to cure wounds and build immune. It has 5.5 % of volatile oil that has a great effect on the skin. It cures skin diseases and wounds. The protein helps build your muscle and stimulates your mood. The high consistency of minerals and carbohydrates is best for throat infections and works as a medicine against any bacterial infections and is the best herbal component for herbal cigarettes online.

Basil (Holy Basil / Sacred Basil)

Basil in Hindi is called Tulsi and in Malayalam, Telegu, Kannada, it is known as Thulasi
Action : Basil leaves are highly beneficial and contain great components like Expectorant, which helps a person to fight against any viral disease and work as a natural cure for cough and cold. The herbal cigarettes created by basils help to increase the immune power. Stimulant, Diaphoretic & Anti-Microbial are the best constituents for treating stress disorders, and peptic ulcers.
Description : Basil Leaves and flowers are widely used for medicinal use. And is the best herbal cigarette ingredient. Every day eating one basil leaves an empty stomach can improve your stomach health. The highly beneficial components like an expectorant and antifungal ingredients serve best as a stress reliever.


The different names that cloves have are Kirambu in Tamil, Lavangalu in Telegu, Karampu in Kannada, Lavanga in Hindi, and Lavangam in Sanskrit.
Action : The Cloves are rich in Carminative, Stomachic, and Antispasmodic, and antiviral. These make the cloves highly beneficial to your appetite, and stomach health in all total.
Description: The greatness of cloves is best to cure whooping cough, common cold, dental cavity, and throat infection. And also the best ingredient for organic herbal cigarettes. Its natural aroma removes stinking smells from your mouth. Cloves are the natural refresher.


Cinnamon Zeylanicum Regional name in Tamil –is Lavangapattal and Karuvapattal. In Telugu, it is widely called Lavangpatta and Sanna-Lavangpatta. Dala-Chinni in Hindi. In Malayalam it is Cheriya-ela and, Dala-chinni Hindi, and Qalami-dar-chini in Sanskrit Vanna-tolif in Kannada
Action : Cinnamon has effective constituents like Carminative, Stimulant, Astringent & Aphrodisiac. It helps in flatulence. The Aphrodisiac helps to stimulate your sexual stamina and reduce your stress. Non-nicotine herbal cigarettes which are made with Cinnamon detoxify germs from your body and improves your asthma.


Glycyrrhizae, glare, Linn. Regional Name: In Tamil, it is Ati Maduram. In Telugu, it is known as Ati Madhuramu and Yasti-Madhukam. In Malayalam, it is called Ati-Madhuram and IrattuMadhura.m, in Hindi it is Jathi-Madh and in Sanskrit, it is called Yashti-Madhukam.
Action : The Liquiorices is rich in Laxative, Expectorant, emollient, Demulcent & Anti-Bacterial & Antitussive. These are highly effective to provide you relief from constipation. It improves your skin and cures inflammation and irritation.
Description: The Liquiorices are sweet. It is a highly beneficial herb to cure your cough and cold, throat infection and shows great effectiveness in providing relief from constipation. If consumed for a long time, it also helps to improve your memory power. We use Liquiorices for making the best nicotine-free herbal cigarettes.

Bishops Weed

Tamil – Omam Telugu – Omamu Malayalam – Ayamodakam Kannadam – Voma Hindi – Ajvayam Sanskrit – Yovani.
Action : The Bishop weed contains Stomachic, Antispasmodic, Tonic, and Carminative, Sialogogue Stimulant, & Antiseptic. It is effective in curing a common cold, strengthens immune power and respiratory system. You can take herbal cigarettes to quit smoking.
Description: It has aromatic volatile oil is 2.4 %. It is a highly effective herbal medication. It is widely used to cure whooping cough and throat infections. It is the best alternative for your tobacco and can be beneficial in coping up with your addiction. To cope up with your smoking addiction you can try organic herbal cigarettes online.

Indian Badellium

In Tamil, India Badellium is called Kungiliyam. In Telugu it is Guggilamu. In Malayalam, it is known as Kungiliyam. And in Kannadam it is Guggala. In Hindi, it is known as Dhuna and Damar. In Sanskrit, it is referred to as Guggllam, Shallakl.
Action : Expectorant, Stimulant, and Diuretic & Anti-Arthritis. These are the important components of Indian Badellium. This herbal is used to control blood pressure, prevent arthritis, and strengthens your bone health.
Description: Indian Badellium is widely used for treating joint pain. It is proven to cure acne, hypothyroidism, gastric irritations. The herbal doesn’t have any side effects can be consumed forever. To enhance its effectiveness take the best herbal cigarettes before bed every night. It improves your digestion and gives you complete sleep.

Tendu Leaves

Diospyros melanoxylon; Acacla Catech (Lin.f) wiid. In Tamil it is called Karungali, in Telugu it is Chandra. In Malayalam is known as Karungali and in Kannada it is Khadira. And in Hindi it is Katha and in Sanskrit it is Khandira.
Action : Carminative, Stimulant & Diuretic are the common components of Tendu leaves. Highly effective in curing a common cold, respiratory problems, and constipation. It becomes more effective when it is taken as a form of gas. The tobacco-free herbal cigarettes with the benefits of Tendu leaves not only cope up with your smoking addiction but also cures your respiratory health.