FAQ-Escape Herbal

Yes, herbal cigarettes are absolutely safe to use. They are used for curing the common cold and work as great antiseptics.
Herbal supplements come from plants, seeds, roots, flowers, and oil. They have been proven natural medicine over the centuries and the best herbal cigarettes ingredients.
Herbs are in general harmless and instead improve your immunity. Herbal cigarettes are beneficial and non-addictive. Buy herbal cigarettes online and detoxify your health.
We sell non-tobacco herbal cigarettes. We are specialized in herbal medication. We provide the best medicinal herbal cigarettes and herbal medications.
If you face any issue regarding our product, you can always contact us. Our availability is 24X7.
It depends on the distance. But we try to deliver your product in the shortest period.
Yes, we are an expert in herbalism, we are a bunch of educated herbal medicine makers working together since 2011.
Yes, our team is highly skilled and professional in their trade. We have studied herbalism and had been practicing. We have been delivering high-quality herbal cigarettes throughout the world now.