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Escape Herbal

Our golden mantra is to provide nature’s best product. We strive to find the herbs to detoxify your life. Our herbal cigarettes package soothes your respiratory system and cures coughs and helps you quit tobacco.

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Get your best herbal cigarettes with the benefits of cannabis, turmeric, cloves, and basil leaves.

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Escape Herbal Ingredients


Turmeric has great benefits and got many different names like Curcuma Longa


Basil in Hindi is called Tulsi and in Malayalam, Telegu, Kannada, it is known as Thulasi


The different names that cloves have are Kirambu in Tamil,and Lavangam in Sanskrit.

What are the benefits of Herbal Cigarettes?

Herbal cigarettes are made with highly beneficial herbs. These are processed and made for our customers who are addicted to tobacco. These tobacco-free herbal cigarettes will help you fight against your addiction, cures depression, anxiety, and stress disorders. It helps in detoxification and improves stamina.

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We provide you the high-quality products with 100% natural ingredients.

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“ Product Quality ”

I recommend trying different flavors to see which one you might like. I have begun alternating between regular cigarettes & these and I am down to 4 regular cigarettes a day without any cravings. Once I have completely stopped smoking the regular (highly addictive) cigarettes, I will ween myself off of these as well. It is my plan to keep a pack of these around for those stressful moments that always end in my starting smoking & having to quit all over again.

clients feedback

Satisfied People Are
Say About Our Company

“ Product Quality ”
Great taste and makes you feel good

Great flavour and mint is in a perfect ratio they have kept the cigarette taste real and it is good to smoke ,no restrictions I enjoyed a lot if you're visiting this product then you should buy as they provide a value for money I love it